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poniedziałek, 28 maja 2012

niedziela, 27 maja 2012


Object which is combining 2 different functions. 1 version of the object is giving to the possibility so that he is she with bench about the unusual appearance. 2 the version allows for granting the object also of option of the cupboard to objects:)


Presentation of the object in the game

wtorek, 8 maja 2012

Twist Office Set

Modern set into the study. 2 shelves for the wall which we can freely move up and into the bottom, the desk, the chest of drawers and the image are in a set. The entire set is combining wood as well as stood. He is suitable very well for a modern office.


środa, 2 maja 2012

Tandem Garden Set - zapowiedź :)

Już niedługo letni zestaw leżaków ogrodowych :)